Scratch 'n Sniff Valentine Crowns DIY



Make this wearable craft in time for your classroom Valentine’s Day party, and then celebrate like kings and queens of hearts with these fun, scented crowns!


This fun craft idea is a great way to encourage kids to express their creativity!

  • Supply Red Sparkle and Gold Terrific Trimmers® and tape to make the base of your crowns. Choose to make crowns two-sided, add a center “hat” strip, layer the colors, or pick one color.
  • Measure and cut the borders to fit each head and tape each crown into shape.
  • Give your Valentine’s Day crowns the royal treatment! Twist chenille stems into fun springy shapes like hearts or sandwich ends between stickers.
  • Decorate the headband area with valentine-themed stickers too. Remember to gently scratch your scented stickers before sticking them on so your crowns are super scented!

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