Party Favor Treat Pockets DIY



Deliver valentines and smiles in style with DIY library pocket treat bags. Pick your favorite pocket style, decorate and fill, and make someone’s day! 


Animal Print Valentines

  • We’re “Wild” about animal print pockets and they’re a perfect match for Valentine’s Day gift themes.
  • It’s easy to change these up to make them unique for everyone. Glue on paper and felt hearts, decorate with heart stickers, and add stylish bows.
  • Fill your pockets with FUN! Cut sheets of Valentine’s Day-themed stickers to tuck inside, include a handmade card, photos, and more! 

Perfectly-Patterned, Photo Valentines

  • Make a loved one’s heart pitter-patter with patterned pockets with photos!
  • Cut a heart-shaped hole in the front of the pocket (use cardboard between the layers so you don’t cut through both sides). Place a photo inside the pocket so it is framed by the cut-out heart and tape the photo into place.
  • Fill the inside of the pocket with a favorite candy, a special note, or chore coupons!
Create a variety of treat pockets for family and friends. Personalized pockets make perfect gifts, party favors, and are fun for children to make and give during Valentine's Day festivities. 

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