Our Grade Is Sweet! Valentine's Day Bulletin Board DIY



Show kids what a treat they are to teach with this confection-inspired, Valentine's Day bulletin board decoration.


Create the sweetest display using this super-fun idea that brings excitement to elementary classroom decorations and sets the scene for Valentine's Day parties.

  • For step-by-step directions, follow the instructions in the Download tab.
  • Cover your background and spell out your message using punch-out letters.
  • Layer White and Red Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® to frame your display.
  • Create a candy box base using cardstock, pink paper, and trimmers. Folding the Gold Metallic Terrific Trimmers® at various angles gives them a really fun pleated look! 
  • Create chocolates with student names on them using Chocolate Terrific Trimmers® and a white paint marker. Crease, write student names, fold, and tape together. Nest each inside a paper cupcake wrapper. Sweet!
  • Fill your candy box with the chocolates you've created and add some additional ones in colors like red and gold for extra pops of color!
  • Create a lid out of dark and light pink paper and loop together gold trimmer strips to create a unique bow. 
  • Let any glue you've used dry thoroughly before hanging your display.

How sweet it is for elementary students to find their names in the candy box and see a classroom display made just for them!

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    Download template here!

    Our Grade Is Sweet! Valentine's Day Bulletin Board DIY