Holiday Wreaths DIY



Greet guests with classic holiday decorations! Homemade paper wreaths are a great way to spruce up your space for the holidays and all winter long. This DIY wreath is easy to make totally unique to reflect each crafter’s personality and style.


Wreaths have a rich history throughout the world and have come to symbolize celebrations and merriment. Have fun adding your own personal touches to your wreath crafts to make them extra special and personal!

Fringe & Fun

  • Create out of any green paper trimmer you choose. Fold and crease a line about ¼ inch in from the straight edge of the trimmer (horizontally).
  • Roll the trimmer into a circle, with the color facing in, and tape together.
  • Starting from the outside (scalloped) edge, cut strips in the trim down to the creased line. Bend each strip back along the crease and fan them out to fill out your wreath shape, leaving the center clear.
Crimped & Classic
  • Folded fun! Use a strip of any green trim as your base.
  • To keep it simple, cut apart every two or so scallops.
  • Make interesting folds between the two scallops and tape to the next set of two, following a circle shape.
  • For any of your creative paper wreaths, add stickers to mimic holly berries or ornaments, and tie a festive bow on too! Use letter stickers to write your classroom or house number, name, or a festive greeting. 

Homemade wreaths make thoughtful gifts and are a fun project for students to take home and share with family. Hang your paper wreaths to bring a warm welcome and sign of the season right to your doorstep.

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