Winter Wonderland Pictures DIY



Celebrate the wonder of winter with a fun and easy art project for kids. Use to decorate winter bulletin board displays, give as gifts for parents and grandparents, and enjoy some creative time together. Turn the black construction paper into a wintry scene that inspires many creative ideas.

  • Begin by cutting three strips from a paper trimmer. We cut strips in these lengths: 4½, 3½, and 2½ inches. You can use any sizes you choose, just increase the width by about one inch per layer.
  • Cut the ends of each strip at an angle, starting at the bottom (scalloped) corner of each.
  • Stack the paper shapes into a layered-looking tree and glue or tape them onto the paper. For extra interest, use thick tape or place small, folded pieces of paper behind the different sections of the tree so they POP off of the paper.
  • Decorate the tree with colorful small stickers to the branches. We used Rainbow Gel because they look like cool ornaments, but have fun with any superSpots® or superShapes stickers – they are a perfect fit!
  • Top off your tree with a large star sticker in silver, gold, or copper.
  • Draw in landscape details with white chalk. Get creative making bright stars, a moon, snowy hills, a house with smoke spiraling out of its chimney, and more. 

This art project will fill your classroom or home with wonderful winter scenes and fill your day with FUN. Encourage kids to get creative with the background drawings and to use a variety of interesting ornament-like stickers too. 

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