Hanukkah Garland DIY



This stunning garland string is a great way to incorporate symbols of Judaism into your DIY Hanukkah décor and crafts. Enjoy family time this winter creating Hanukkah crafts with all ages. We’ve featured the Star of David and the dreidel, but this simple idea easily translates to any symbols you choose.

  • Before you begin, print out the template located in the tab to the right. Cut out the star/dreidel templates and the cross brace shape.
  • If you're preparing supplies ahead of time, cut out the shapes onto a variety of trimmers in any pattern and colors you choose. It's fun to use a mix of different combinations to make many unique decorations. Just be sure everyone has the correct number of each template shape to begin.
  • For each garland shape you’re making, you’ll cut out four cross brace shapes. Fold the cross brace pieces in the centers and tape or glue them back-to-back so they make a “+” shape. This will give you 8 "faces" to tape or glue garland template shapes onto.
  • Trace and cut out dreidel and star template pieces singly. When you're ready to assemble, tape or glue one template cutout to each side of the cross brace for each ornament shape you’re making. 
  • For example, Template 1 will be on the left and Template 2 will be on the right, and the flat sides of both will meet in the "corner" of the cross brace. Rotate the star pieces so the flat edges meet in the "corner" of the brace too.
  • Repeat for all sides so your dreidel or star is fully glued or taped to the cross brace. Allow any glue to dry.
  • Gently trim around the shape to get rid of any of the cross brace that shows, leaving just the decorative, colorful shape. Nice!
  • Poke a hole through the top of each garland piece to hang on a line of string or yarn. If you'd like, you can use small jewelry or other hooks to attach the pieces to the string. Get creative!

This quick and festive garland is a great way to get everyone crafting together and sharing quality family time. Hang your garland in a favorite spot by your mantel, along walls, and in doorways to celebrate the festival of lights.

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Download template here!

Hanukkah-Garland-Template DIY