Folded Paper Tree and Snowman Ornaments DIY



Child-made holiday keepsakes are the best! This fun craft idea for kids will give loved ones seasonal decorations to treasure.  Classic signs of the season – a Christmas tree and snowman – are welcome crafts to spruce up spaces at home, in the office, or hang on your holiday tree for extra fun.


You'll love this winter craft idea for kids for quick gifts, take-homes, and keepsakes.

  • Precut the shapes depending on the ages of kids crafting. You’ll need one triangle for the tree, circles in three sizes for the snowman, plus a rectangular hat.  If kids are old enough, they’ll enjoy making their own shapes and it's great cutting practice too.
  • Accordion-fold your shapes. Make sure the fold is wide enough to accommodate a small hole punch. You'll want to help kids with this step: Punch a hole through the pleats all at once (folded together) or in sections to fit a chenille stem. 
  • Decorate the shapes to dress up the holiday tree with sticker “ornaments” and a star accent on the top.  Small stickers are the perfect fit! Choose your favorite colors and shapes for extra-fun ornaments. Refold and crease to make sure stickers are firmly attached. 
  • Add flair to your snowman by gluing on paper buttons, tying on a yarn or ribbon scarf, and more. You may also want to cut out a photo of each child’s smiling face and tape it on the snowman. Or, draw your own snowman face with paper shapes, crayons, or markers.
  • Don't forget to sign your craft with colorful letter stickers too! 
  • When finished decorating, string a chenille stem through the holes you punched, leaving a little extra at the top for hanging. Bend the top and bottom or tie knots to hold the snowman or tree in place. 

This is a really great way for kids to get creative making ornaments featuring classic symbols of the winter season. Decorate a classroom holiday tree or bulletin board display, give as gifts to parents and grandparents, and more.

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