Jumbo Paper Ornaments DIY



Enjoy this Christmas ornament paper craft with family and friends! The jumbo size makes these DIY ornaments a delightful way to decorate outdoor trees, doorways, and more for the season. Use the bright, festive colors and joyful bows to bring holiday happiness to all!

These jumbo ornaments are sure to delight!
  • Decide which design you’ll make or create a variety for a winter-wonderful display.
  • Tape all borders back to back so the designs will show outward in your finished decorations.
  • We trimmed the wider borders, but feel free to leave in any width you'd like.
  • Cut the center borders to your desired finished size (length). The center pieces will be the shortest strips.
  • Cut the strips for the outer edges of your ornament long enough so there's plenty of excess paper to bow/arch around the center strip giving your paper ornament its iconic bulb-like shape. 
  • Join one end of all pieces together and staple them in place. Bow the outside as you like and either twist the center strip or leave it straight. Hold all of the pieces together at one end and staple them together. 
  • Cut short strips in any color or pattern and wrap them horizontally around the top of the ornament and tape to fasten (this will hide the stapled area). Repeat for the bottom. 
  • Finish off your ornaments with cellophane or cloth bows, paper bows, or another decorative flair.
  • Use a piece of wire or string to tie to the top of the ornament and hang.

What a great way to make a BIG and bright decoration for welcoming the holiday season. This craft is great for a whole family to make a variety of ornaments and decorate a large tree, fancy doorway, or front porch together. It's sure to delight your neighbors and guests!

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