Happy Hanukkah Menorah DIY



Celebrate the festival of lights! Create this DIY paper menorah wall display for a perfect, eye-catching way to bring excitement to your Hanukkah celebrations. Customize the display size easily to fit your classroom, religious school, or home.

  • On your display board, mark where you’d like the center of your menorah to land.  
  • Cut pairs of white trimmer strips that decrease in size equally (18, 16, 14, and 12 inches, for example). The length of the longest strip will determine half the size of your finished menorah - adjust to fit your space. Use strips with the scalloped edge out - like wax running down the menorah - or use two overlapping pieces to have straight edges for the sides.
  • Begin with the longest strip. Place it at the center mark and staple or tape in place. Once secured in the center, extend the length of the border horizontally across your board and then gently twist the strip near the end so it curves upward. Tape or staple in place. This will create the candle holder.
  • Repeat these steps for every strip. Work your way in from longest to shortest. For added dimension, we placed a piece of foam behind the top of each candle piece, but it isn’t necessary.
  • Cover the starting point of all of the horizontal pieces with an additional white trimmer, placed vertically. This will be the tall, center candle. 
  • Finish your menorah by cutting a strip of white trimmer and extending the "stand" down from the center candle. Add a flourishing base made from silver trimmers too.
  • We used silver trim for the candles attached to the top of the menorah too. Position and cut so the slight dip in the scallop lands in the center of your candle piece. This will look like wax has been burned away in the middle. Tape each candle to the menorah.
  • Create the candle flames from yellow sparkle trim. Each is made from three basic “flame” shapes cut from the sparkle paper. Tape or glue two of them back-to-back to create a double-sided piece. Fold the double-sided piece in half lengthwise and tape or glue it to a flat flame shape. Next, tape your assembled flame on top of the silver candle. What a shimmering sight!
  • Write "Happy Hanukkah" on your display using bright, punch-out lettering.
  • This bulletin board display is a great canvas for talking about the tradition and history of Hanukkah and celebrating eight special nights! To make this display interactive, add a flame to a candle each day.

Hang this festive display in hallways and classrooms or in gathering areas of community centers and synagogues too.

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