O' Trimmer Tree DIY



There are lots of reasons for the season, and this paper tree will make your space feel festive and bright! This sparkling paper pine tree is one of our favorite winter decorations to celebrate the holidays. You can DIY it to almost any size to fit your classroom, home, or office. Make your own giving tree, gift exchange display, or use it to feature vocabulary words, employee names, and more!


This tree will brighten any space with its festive shimmer and versatile uses.

Sparkle Tree

  • First decide how many layers you want your tree to be (height). Cut strips of cardstock for each layer and shorten each to frame the area you'll hang the green strips. Attach with tape or other wall-safe adhesive or staple onto the bulletin board. 
  • Cut green trim to size for each tier of your tree. For a three-tiered tree, use three different lengths. For a five-tiered tree, use five different lengths, and so on. The trim will shorten for each layer as you move toward the top of the tree. Start with a full, folded trimmer for the bottom layer and shorten from there.
  • Match the scallops together and staple them into a loop. This will have some overhang of the trimmer which you will use to staple or tape onto the cardstock "frame." You’ll subtract two strips from each layer as you work your way up so the tree will get its signature shape. Slightly angle the outer "branches" as you hang them to reinforce the triangle shape.
  • Create a tree stump by layering brown trimmers and taping them together. Remember to leave room for your tree trunk between the bottom bough of the tree and the floor. Tape into place.
  • Decorate the bows of the tree with paper cutouts to make it your own!

Tree Topper

  • Top off your tree with a sparkling gold star! Create your topper by cutting a circle out of cardboard or card stock. Our base was 10¾ inches in diameter, for reference.
  • Divide the circle into eight equal sections and place foam tape along the lines (or hot glue if that is your preference).
  • Cut 24 petal-like shapes in three sizes from the yellow sparkle trim. Refer to the template in the tab to the right to quickly trace and cut out eight of each size. 
  • Fold every petal shape in half lengthwise. Layer them by size, starting with the largest and working to the smallest, filling in and covering the cardboard.
  • Cut a circle for the center and add a jewel, button, or another fun embellishment to the middle.

This large paper tree decoration is a great way to “spruce” up any space! Bring holiday cheer to classrooms, hallways, offices, and reception areas. Add accents for decorative ways to write student or employee names, holiday greetings, and more.

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Download template here!

Star-Tree-Topper-Template DIY