Gift of Learning Holiday Display DIY



Learning is a gift! Celebrate it with this holiday display that’s perfect for decorating elementary classrooms, libraries, and community centers. Simply switch up the colors to match any holiday or decorating theme. It’s a great complement to your curriculum and will keep everyone excited to learn!


3-D bows and big, bright gifts showcase the gift of learning!

Beautiful 3-D Bows

  • First, let's create the bows for your display using strips of paper trimmers. We used four large bows (for the bulletin board) and six small bows (for gifts).
  • To make the large bows, begin with making the center loop by stapling a ring of trimmers from a 10½ inch strip. Loop a second 10½ inch strip and squeeze it slightly to place it inside the first one.
  • Use full trimmer strips for the rest of the bow. With the color facing out, make a circle out of a trimmer strip and staple the ends together to hold. Repeat two additional times. Lay all three loops on top of each other and rotate so it makes a circle.  Put all of the stapled ends to the center and staple or tape them together. Lay the center bow piece on top of them and staple or tape it to the center.
Bright Gifts
  • To decorate the gifts, repeat the steps for the bows above, but use one long strip and two short strips for each bow's string on each present. Arrange as necessary to fit your display and staple together. Loop together two smaller strips for the center and tape or staple in place.
  • Cut rectangle shapes for gifts out of bright paper and decorate with trimmers to match each bow. The scalloped edge looks like a really fancy ribbon!
  • Use STICK-EZE® Stick-On Letters to write class subjects or topics on each gift.
  • Add student names using Gel Stars Mini Accents too. Stick on Bright Sparkle Stars superShapes Stickers for a festive finish.
  • Cover your bulletin board display area with paper to complement your display, and then staple or tape your gifts onto the display.
  • Layer festive trim around the outside edge of the bulletin board. We love to use the borders with stripes reminiscent of candy canes along with a bright solid. Add the large bows you created to each corner of the bulletin board display.
  • Write "Learning Is a Gift" using Ready Letters®. Hint: Layer two colors for extra attention!

Get creative with your display and enjoy celebrating all the gifts that learning brings! Make big paper gifts for decorating beyond classrooms too, simply change the topic written on the gift ribbon and stars. Ideas include library resources or books to read, community education class lists and locations, clubs or groups, and more. 

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