Tabletop Holiday Trees DIY



Everyone loves wintery decorations and these handmade trees are the perfect finishing touch! Have fun making DIY tabletop decorations to give any space homemade ho-ho-ho-liday style. This paper craft is exciting for all ages to make many different and creative combinations to decorate homes, offices, and classrooms. 

Tabletop tree decorations are a real tree-t! Choose your favorite color or pattern from bright solids to snow-frosted trees to swirling spirals. Add spirit and style to your office, classroom, or home. 
  • Create a base for your tree by rolling a sheet of paper into a cone shape and taping to hold. Refer to the template provided in the tab to the right.
  • Choose the shape you'll use for your tree boughs to create your desired look. We've created these trees using lots of different shapes (teardrops, circles, and squares), so there's plenty of room to get creative. For a classic tree shape, use a teardrop as shown in the download instructions.
  • Set your cone upright. Beginning at the bottom, glue or tape the trim shapes you cut onto the cone base. Hint: gently roll the thinnest part of the shape (or corner) so it will rest flush on the cone.
  • Continue gluing your shapes onto the tree in layers working your way toward the top until you are almost at the top of the cone.
  • Tape three of the shapes together in a line, then wrap them around the top of the cone (like a hat) and tape or glue to hold. 
  • For extra flair, glue two small star accents back-to-back with a toothpick or a chenille stem between them. Poke the stick/stem end into the hole at the top of the cone to hold it in place. Fancy finish!

These centerpieces are the perfect crafts to make any space holiday ready, plus they are a fun activity to inspire craft time on snow days and more. Bring cheer and festive flair anywhere you place them (desk decorations, table centerpieces, bookshelves…).

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Download template here!

Tabletop Holiday Trees DIY