Dino Showstoppers Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Build a stage that encourages children to create unique puppets for sparking lively discussions about diversity.

Stage Directions (13" x 10")
  • For a 13" x 10" stage frame, cut a 13" strip of the Dino and Grass trimmers.
  • Cut two 10" pieces of purple trimmer and trim off scallops.
  • Glue pieces together as shown to create the frame.
  • See diagram for next steps. For stability, back the frame with a stand. Cut a 17" x 10" piece of foam core. Then cut an 11" x 7" opening in the center.
  • Cut away the 5½" x 4" x 2" area on each side. Lightly score on dotted line on front side and fold back.
  • Glue frame to stand.A1008 Dino Showstoppers Learning FUN Activity
    Puppet Directions
    • Each child creates a puppet by gluing a mini accent to a craft stick. For a two-sided puppet, glue the matching left- or right-facing accent to the back of the stick.
    • It’s show time! Sit back and watch kids put on plays, bring stories to life, and comfortably express themselves with this fun puppet theater.

    BONUS: Use leftover trimmers, borders, and art supplies to give the puppet theater a new look. Invite kids to create their own imaginative puppets using construction paper and crayons.

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      Dino Showstoppers Learning Fun Activity