Sea Buddies® Welcome to an Ocean of Nouns Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Learn to identify parts of speech and improve writing skills.


Arrange the set pieces and use Ready Letters® to create a headline introducing the part of speech. For example, “Welcome to an ocean of nouns.”

As a group, read a short story about the ocean or the sea to get imaginations flowing. Next, invite students to call out sea-themed nouns inspired by the story. Write the nouns on fish accents and add to the display. If a word is called out that is not a noun, work together to identify its part of speech.

Once the display is filled with nouns, children write a short story on Terrific Papers® using three or four of the words. Invite volunteers to read their stories to the class.

Create new headlines on the display introducing other parts of speech and repeat the activity for each. Then, display all of the words and challenge kids to write a story using and identifying the various parts of speech they’ve learned. Kids love sharing their creative fish tales with classmates and showing their parts of speech know-how!

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Sea Buddies® Welcome to an Ocean of Nouns Bulletin Board Idea