Owl-Stars!® Number Line Counting with Owls Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Recognize numbers, including even and odd, and solve addition problems.


Awesome owls are standing by to teach kids odds and evens using a number line!

  • Display the number line and accents. Include two Owl-Stars!® Terrific Pockets™: one holds Addition 0-12 Skill Drill Flash Cards and the other odd/even labels from this set.

  • Create a header with Ready Letters®.

  • Choose 6 flash cards from the pocket and display them on the board as Today’s Equations.

  • Create a worksheet using the same 6 equations and print it on digital Terrific Papers® or printer paper. Be sure to include directions for the activity, such as:
    Solve the equations. Is the answer even or odd?

  • Give a worksheet to each child along with a handy Desk Toppers® Reference Name Plate to use as a counting tool.

  • Students solve the equations on the worksheet, recording their answers as odd or even.

  • When all the students are done, use the slider and owl accent on the number line to demonstrate the correct answers for each equation.

Bonus Ideas

Extend the learning with fun word problems. Invite students to use the number line slider to demonstrate how they arrived at the answer.

Word Problem Example: “If owl flies 5 spaces forward and then another 4, on what number will owl land? Is this an even or odd number?”

Keep the smiles and learning going with math games for subtraction, word problems, negative numbers, and more. Students practice using the flash cards from the display.

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Owl-Stars!® Number Line Counting with Owls Bulletin Board Idea