Discovering Dinosaurs® Dig for Answers Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Name the dinosaurs using pocket clues, class discussions, and available resources.


I am one of the first known dinosaurs to fly.
Who am I? (Archaeopteryx)

Put on your paleontologist hat and name that dinosaur!

  • Feature up to 20 dinosaurs from this set, along with their coordinating Fun Fact cards, in a main display and throughout the classroom.

  • Write a clue about each dinosaur, like the one above, on a blank flash card and insert it in a pocket.

  • Write “Who Am I?” on the labels and attach one to the outside of each pocket. When done, attach pockets on the main display with hook-and-loop tape or put in a big basket near the display.

  • Divide your class into groups of two or more (based on class size), asking each group to remove one pocket from the display.

  • Challenge groups to use the “Who Am I?” clues in the pockets, information discussed in class, and available resources to name and locate the correct dinosaur.

  • A student from each group reads the clue, points to the correct dinosaur on the display or wall, and explains how the group arrived at that dinosaur.

  • If any group names the wrong dinosaur, the class works together to find the right answer.

Encourage kids to share other fun facts uncovered in their dig for answers!

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Discovering Dinosaurs® Dig for Answers Bulletin Board Idea