Wonderful Winter Snowy Stories Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Students create a class book inspired by the scenes in this set to develop creative writing skills.

  • To start, everyone shares what they like best about winter: making a snowman, jumping into fluffy snow, drinking hot cocoa, ice skating, and more.
  • Next, write a story starter on a Wipe-Off® Sentence Strip and add to the display. Give each student a snowflake accent to write their name on. They hang their snowflakes on the display near the scene they choose to write about.
  • Each child writes a story and draws a picture of it on Terrific Papers®. Combine all of the students’ writings/pictures into a class book.
  • Host a book reading to share your creative tales with parents or another class. Serve favorite winter snacks and cider or cocoa. What a festive way to enjoy winter!
  • After the reading, students take turns bringing the book home to share with family and friends.
    Bonus: Fun Winter Facts

      They sound delicious, but snow donuts aren’t yummy treats. They are a rare occurance where balls of snow are sculpted by the wind to look like donuts! They can form as large as a foot in diameter. Imagine a field of donuts!

      During a storm in 1887, a Montana rancher measured a snowflake 15" wide! That’s wider than a dinner plate! According to the Guiness Book of World Records, these were the largest snowflakes ever recorded. Wow!

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        Wonderful Winter Snowy Stories Bulletin Board Idea