Parts of Speech Word Game Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Demonstrate an understanding of parts of speech and identify samples of each.


Display a selection of parts of speech from the set.

Classmates form one group for each part of speech in the display. Teams are given a marker and a set of feathers. Ask a volunteer to call out a letter of the alphabet.

Groups race to write words beginning with that letter for their part of speech on the feathers. Make the activity even more of a challenge and choose a different letter for each group, or have kids only write words that relate to a specific theme or place. Display the words beneath the part of speech.

When the rounds are complete, extend the learning by using a sampling of words from each part of speech in sentences.

Sentence examples:

The clever girl skates to school.
The magical ghost snores through lunch.
The messy garden stinks of rotten tomatoes.

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    Parts of Speech Word Game Bulletin Board Idea