Colors & Shapes Name It Match It Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Learn to identify and name colors and shapes; practice position concepts. With nine teaching colors and six basic shapes, there’s no end to creative possibilities!


The critters can stand on their feet or their heads, be paired for gymnastics, or be stacked totem-pole style. The shape cutouts can be grouped by color with the critters arranged in shape groupings, or sequenced by small, medium, and large.

Watch learning fun shape up with the mix-and-match activities that follow!

  • Begin by displaying the animals, each labeled with their color sign. As the children learn the names of the colors, point out the color words. As they learn the words, remove the words from the display and let the kids practice matching the color names to the colored animals. Put them all on a table, secretly remove one, and ask kids which one is missing.

  • Discuss the characteristics of each shape—how many sides, how many corners—as children become familiar with the shape names. Vary the sequence from day to day, moving the large pieces around on the bulletin board. Let the children match the smaller shapes to the larger, practicing location words as they put the small triangle ABOVE the large one, INSIDE the (color) one, and so on. Or ask children to arrange the small shapes on a table in the same sequence as the large shapes displayed on the bulletin board.
  • Use shapes and colors together, asking children to sort the shape cutouts by color and arrange them under the animal of the same color. Pass them out and ask: Who has a shape the same as Sam’s but a different color? Who has a shape the same color as this? Who has a shape a different size than this?

This delightful troupe of animal friends will lead you through a whole year of fun-filled activities and lively learning!

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    Colors & Shapes Name It Match It Bulletin Board Idea