Color Harmony™ Number Line Mystery Numbers Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice counting and learn numbers to 50.

  • Display sections of the number line as shown. Practice counting up and down the number line, using the bulletin board as a guide.
  • Next, write question marks on Circles Classic Accents®. Decide what skip-counting you will work on first. Place accents over those numbers on the display.
  • Print one copy of the free online Mystery Numbers worksheet. Cover up the numbers corresponding to the display with white paper or “erase” the numbers with correction tape/fluid. Photocopy worksheets and hand one to each student to solve on their own.
  • When finished, say the number line out loud together and uncover the hidden numbers as you go. Students check their answers. How did they do? Let’s try again! Repeat the activity with a new worksheet and a new challenge. Mystery numbers lead to early math mastery!

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    Color Harmony™ Number Line 0-120 Bulletin Board Idea