Birthday Secret Surprise! Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Add a burst of fun to celebrations for students and staff!


Birthday Surprise Box

Each box uses 5 Terrific Pockets™, one of each accent listed above, and one Trimmer strip.
  • To make the box, cut 1¾" off of the top of one pocket to make a 3½" square base.
  • Tape the remaining 4 pockets to each side of the square base so the openings face up and inward.
  • Use a trimmer strip and piece of paper to make a 3" cake to include inside the box. Add a battery-operated tea light for extra flair!
  • To make the top, cut a 14½" strip of trimmer and fold into four 3⅝" sections. Tape into a square.
  • Fill in the top by taping two strips of trimmer side-by-side so the scallops nest together. Tape the strips in place on back. Cut the trimmers to 3⅞" long. Fold the ends of the trimmers down so they fit inside the square. Tape in place.
  • Create a bow or fancy handle out of a pocket and tape to the lid.
    • Time to celebrate someone special! Classmates write birthday wishes on Make-Your-Own Flash Cards.
    • Slide the happy notes inside the pocket “walls” of the box.
    • Tuck the pockets under the lid to close the box. Add a tag with the honorary student’s name. Hole punch the tag and string it to the box top.
    • When it’s time, present the box to the student. Invite him or her to open their Secret Surprise!

    Time to “blow out” the candle and make a wish! The birthday boy or girl reads the cheerful class notes out loud. Send the notes home with the student and return the surprise box to storage until the next celebration.

    BONUS: Students decorate boxes to present as “Thank You” boxes throughout the year. Honor class helpers, librarians, or guest speakers. Customize what’s inside for truly unique surprises!

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