Positive Poster Puzzles Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Create poster puzzles for a fun classroom or at-home activity with children of all ages! Poster puzzles are great practice for matching up shapes and letters, forming groups, and the positive messages are perfect for spreading cheer!


Choose a variety of ARGUS® Posters for this activity, we used:

  • It’s fun to assemble the upbeat messages on ARGUS® Posters! Choose a themed variety pack if you’d like to create a themed puzzle pack or choose a few of your favorite individual posters.
  • Cut apart the posters in a variety of ways!
    • Basic shapes: Can students find fill the holes with the matching shape?
    • Zigzags and waves: Create a wacky puzzle with lots of twists and turns
    • Squares: Extra-FUN for kids – they’ll have to pay close attention to the words and colors to figure out this challenge!
  • Staple the edges of a file folder shut and use folders to store each puzzle.
  • Let's decode the mixed messages!
  • This makes a great welcome activity for back to school or as a brain break any time of the day.
  • You can also use this idea to create groups. Randomly place a puzzle piece on each student’s desk and invite them to find students holding the matching pieces. They work together to assemble the puzzle! What a great intro to group work!
  • When kids have put the puzzles together, invite them to read the messages out loud.
  • For more challenging puzzles, have a second copy of the poster on hand to use as a guide or mat, or take a photo of the assembled puzzle and attach it to the storage folder for each.  

“How will you be awesome today?” Get students thinking about what these messages mean by asking them to explain the message and then invite them to say or write about ways they will demonstrate the meaning of the message.

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