All About Dinosaurs Puzzle Play Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Go on a dino dig to put together dinosaur picture puzzles! Match pictures and facts to flash cards for extra challenges, learning, and FUN! 

  • Choose a variety of large dinosaur cut-outs from the bulletin board set. Punch them out and cut each dinosaur into a variety of pieces. Leave the fact cards whole. Hint: Start with larger and fewer pieces per puzzle. If the puzzles feel too easy, cut the pieces again to make them more challenging. 
  • Store your dino matching puzzles in folders for a handy playroom or learning center activity.
  • Children practice recognizing features of different dinosaurs to become familiar with them. Read the fun facts of each on the bulletin board set card pieces too. 
  • Hint: The pronunciation key on each fact card is really helpful when learning how to say each dinosaur's name. 
  • The Archaepteryx and Herrerasaurus only appear on the Bulletin Board Set. If matching to the Challenge Cards® in any of the following activities, remove these two dinosaurs from play.

Dino Dig!

  • Put on your Paleontology hats, it's time to dig for dinos!
  • To start, choose one or two dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Mighty Match Challenge Cards® and place the Picture Cards and Fun Fact Cards face-up on a table for each child. These are the dinosaurs each child will dig for.
    • The cards will give them important clues to look for and match their dinosaurs (color, horns, tail, shape, and more).
  • Place all of the puzzle pieces for these dinosaurs (and add some extras for even more challenge) face down in the center of the table in a pile.
  • Time to dig! Kids pull one piece from the pile at a time and use the photos on the Challenge Cards® and Fact Cards to check if the dinosaur piece they've uncovered belongs to their dinosaur. 
  • They keep matching pieces in front of themselves and keep digging for more!
  • Kids piece together each dinosaur as they find matches until they've completed each puzzle and watched their prehistoric pal come to life!

Dino-mite Trivia

  • Place a selection of dinosaur puzzles on the table face down and mix the pieces up. Lay a Picture Card from the flash cards on the table for each child so they know which dinosaur they are looking for.
  • Read a fact from the Bulletin Board Set or the Challenge Cards® and ask kids to answer which dinosaur it is describing.
  • After answering, kids draw two puzzle pieces for a correct answer and one puzzle piece for an incorrect answer. If the piece(s) drawn matches the dinosaur they are building, they lay it in front of themselves. If not, they mix it back into the pile.
  • Continue playing until one child has enough pieces to build his or her dinosaur. Solve the puzzle and celebrate!

BONUS:  Remove the Archaepteryx and Herrerasaurus from the Bulletin Board Set Fun Fact Cards. Combine all of the other Fact Cards with the Challenge Cards® game cards. Now, lay all face down in random order and play mega memory match! There will be two fact cards and two picture cards for every dinosaur – match pictures to pictures, facts to facts, or pictures to facts!

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