Number Fun to 100 Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Create math matching and puzzle pieces using colorful numbers charts to make student practice interactive and interesting for young learners!

  • If creating for beginning learners, you might want a second chart to use as a guide or mat for these activities.
  • Cut apart the numbers on one chart into individual squares. 
  • Store cut-apart pieces inside file folders when not in use.
  • Matching: Lay all the number squares in a pile. Kids draw one and then they find its match on the full (uncut) chart. Lay the piece on top of the chart. Keep going all the way to 100. Great job!
  • Skip counting: Invite children to fill in the chart but only one number color (blue or yellow). Kids skip-count to fill it in. Then, invite them to fill in the rest of the chart with the other color. WOW!
  • Count it!: Introduce basic math with counting practice. Kids choose a number square and then count out objects (marbles, pennies, pom-poms) to show how many. Can they add two numbers together?

BONUS: As kids’ number skills advance, invite them to come up with their own number games using the square pieces or invite them to use their creativity to cut apart another number chart and challenge YOU!

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