Save Our Planet Earth Day Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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How can kids help? Create fun Earth Day reminders all about saving the earth and inspiring everyone to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Inspire kids to commit to helping our planet while creating fun Earth Day reminders.
  • Invite kids to think of ways to help, like recycling household items, reusing newspapers and magazines for crafts, and being mindful of wasting resources like water and electricity.
  • Write “Save Our Planet” on the front of an accent and decorate it with stickers to show the earth lots of love and happiness. 
  • On the blank back side of another accent, kids write a way in which they will reduce, reuse, or recycle. Draw a picture too!
  • Create a booklet with multiple pages or make a variety of separate, pop-up signs. 
  • Hold the cover and page together and punch two holes near the accent tops. The planet will show out the front and back. Feel free to decorate the back side too! 
  • Tie the pages together through the holes using string or yarn.
  • Share the booklet with friends and family, and use to inspire others to make Earth-friendly choices.
  • If you created single pages, encourage kids to hang them around the classroom or home as great reminders of recycling and conservation opportunities.

BONUS: This is a great activity for jump-starting Earth Day pledges and challenging kids to make a difference!

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