Pencil Pal Stories Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Flip-open books showcase student writing! Practice writing and presenting with the help of Playtime Pals™! 

  • Cut 2½" x 14" strips of white paper. Measure every 2" and mark lightly with a pencil.
    • Students select one Playtime Pals™ accent, one Pencil accent, and one pre-cut paper strip.
    • Each child accordion folds her or his paper strip along the measured pencil lines. This will create seven 2" sections.
    • With the paper still folded, clip a Playtime Pals™ to the back of the top page, opposite the folded edge. Tape the Playtime Pals™ into place.
    • Flip the folded stack over. Tape a Pencils accent to the top page, with the eraser next to the fold.
    • Mini-authors write stories inspired by the Playtime Pals™. Ideas include writing about the adventures of their pets at home or the life of a really neat bird they saw at the zoo. Encourage kids to include drawings too!
    • Clip the completed books shut by folding the pages up and tucking the pencil under the Playtime Pals™ hand clips. Students write titles for their stories on the Pencil covers.

    Each day, display a few Pencil Pal Stories in a central location. Those students present their books to the class. Keep displaying new stories until everyone has had a turn reading out loud!

    Pet Pretend: Introduce responsibility with pretend pets! Wouldn't it be neat to own a pet lion? A llama? How about penguins? Students brainstorm what caring for their pretend pets would be like, including how to feed and water, what type of home or habitat, and so on. They create new Pencil Pal Stories telling all about how to properly care for their new pets. What an exciting way to learn about responsibility!

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      Pencil Pal Stories Learning FUN Activity