Number Compare Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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There’s nothing “greater than” learning math basics! Introduce kids to comparing numbers and practice with visual, hands-on FUN!

  • Write “greater than >”, “< less than ”, and “= equal to” on 3 Pennants accents. Tape them together in a pyramid.
  • Create multiple pyramids or invite kids to create their own!
    • Divide into small groups and give a variety of flash cards to each group. One student for each group lays two flash cards on a table or floor. Another group member lays a pyramid to show how the numbers compare. The group checks his or her work. Good job! Continue until everyone has a turn.
    • Challenge prediction skills! Choose a smaller range of flash cards, like numbers 0 to 30. Display one flash card. A volunteer predicts how the next card drawn will compare by showing the greater than, less than, or equal to pyramid. Draw a second flash card and see if the prediction is correct. Work through all of the cards with different volunteers and watch as predictions improve. Bravo!
    • Give groups of students a variety of real-life objects to count, like a handful of cotton balls or marbles. They count each group and then compare the two numbers. Trade objects with another group and try again! 

    Mix things up by comparing number words to counting objects, numerals to objects, and more. Kids will love inventing their own game ideas too! Play on!

    Solve It! Ready for a challenge? Use self-checking TREND Skill Drill Flash Cards (T53201 Addition or T53202 Subtraction). Kids first draw two cards and solve both equations. Then, they show how the two answers compare using the pyramids. 

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      Number Compare Learning FUN Activity