Picture Perfect Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Welcome students to a new year! Relieve first-day jitters and create a classroom banner full of friendly faces! 

  • Ask parents to provide a photo of his or her child prior to the school year (at a meet-and-greet or orientation). Tape a star accent to the top of each pennant.
  • Tape a student’s photo to the middle of each pennant and write the student’s name on the star. Before student arrivals on the first day, lay pennants on each desk or chair.
    • On the first day of school, students find their spots in the classroom by locating their welcoming photos!
    • Once everyone has arrived, students write two facts about themselves on the back of the pennants.
    • One at at time, children introduce themselves to the class, and show everyone their photos.
    • Each child shares the two facts about themselves. Listen as the classroom fills with excitement and “Me too!” as students learn about each other.
    • When everyone has finished presenting, hang all of the pennants together in a classroom display. 

    Leave the pennant banner up all year to welcome parents and other guests!

    Books About Me: Make “All About Me” pennant books! Give each student 4 pennants. They write a fun fact about themselves on each of 3 pennants. Each writes her or his name on the 4th pennant for the book cover. Punch holes in each corner and bind the pennants with brad fasteners. Exchange books to get to know each other!

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      Picture Perfect Learning FUN Activity