Poppin' Good Stories Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Make creative writing POP! Energize writing with fresh story ideas and story-element fun!

  • Make a popcorn box for each story element: characters, plot, setting, conflict, and resolution.
  • For each box, label 4 accents and lay them in a row, face down. Tape the adjacent sides together. Bend the taped accents at the seams and tape to secure.
  • Add a foam core base (tape or glue a 5½" base to box), or place a small box in each Popcorn Box center.
    • Let’s read! Choose an adventurous, humorous or mysterious story and read it aloud.
    • Ask the group what they enjoyed about the story? Was it exciting, interesting, funny, or something else? Discuss how the plot, setting, and characters played a role in shaping the story.
    • Students eagerly write their own ideas for each part of a story on popcorn accents, and place them in the correct story element boxes.
    • Let the writing begin! Budding authors each write a story using accents from each story element box to inspire and shape their creative writing.

    Gather ‘round for story time! Everyone reads their inventive and unique stories out loud.

    BONUS: For this activity, choose an easy-reading story or fairytale. Divide the class into two teams. Each team forms a single-file line. To begin, a volunteer reads a sentence of the story out loud. The first student in each team’s line names the part of the story the sentence is about. Score a point for the first correct answer. The next players step up in line and play continues!

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      Poppin' Good Stories Learning FUN Activity