Fluttering Bugs Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Let creativity soar with bugs in flight! Learn about insects and create mobiles featuring nature’s tiniest friends.

  • Students can fly, flutter, or flit their way back to the classroom to make mobiles featuring insects.
  • Children each choose 3 name plates: they write their name on one and write favorite bug facts on the other two.
  • Time to get “buzzy” building mobiles! To assemble, lay name plates face up, and fold two inches on each end upward. Set the name plates on edge, in a triangle shape, and glue the folds together.
  • Punch holes in the bottom edges of the name plates. Tie one piece of yarn to each hole. “Catch” a bug accent and tie one to the free end of each string.
  • To hang the mobiles, tape one end of a chenille stem to each corner of the triangle and twist them together at the top. Watch the bugs flutter!
  • Kids will love sharing their creepy-crawly facts with the class, in short, bug-ridden presentations!
  • Take a field trip to the library to explore the unique role insects play in our world. Students write down 5 fun facts they want to share with classmates.

BONUS: Create year-round mobiles to welcome each season. Students use snowflakes for winter, flowers for spring, smiling suns for summer, and leaves for fall. Make holiday and special-event mobiles too!

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    Fluttering Bugs Learning FUN Activity