Diorama Décor Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Active learning about winter climates! Kids show what they learned about winter in charming dioramas!

Learn about winter, then create cheerful dioramas.
  • Discuss what changes happen in winter, like how the landscape looks and feels, and how animals adapt. If you’re not familiar with snow, venture to the library to learn more!
  • Precut 10" circles from foam core or cardboard, then cut the circles in half to create a base for each child. Children measure and cut strips of border to fit the curved edge of their base pieces.
  • Place art supplies in a central location. Students create winter landscapes. Ideas for dioramas might include a snowman, snow hills, a frozen pond, or even a bear’s den.
  • Children present their winter dioramas to the class with a story about where the scene takes place, and who lives there.

Display the dioramas together in a winter wonderland!

BONUS: Divide into groups and create dioramas for fall, spring, and summer using other borders and accents. Arrange the dioramas by time of year, and then walk around the room to watch the seasons change!

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    Diorama Décor Learning FUN Activity