Fall Friends Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Celebrate fall & explore autumn landscapes! Create fall-inspired characters using items found on a nature walk.

Explore nature, then create Fall Friends.
  • Take your class on a fall walk to enjoy nature and collect fallen twigs, colorful leaves, acorns, and more.
  • As you walk, talk about changes that occur, like why leaves change color or how animals prepare for winter.
  • Return to the classroom and place collected items along with TREND leaf accents and art supplies in a central location.
  • Begin by choosing a leaf accent to use for the body. Decorate your characters with items from your nature walk and art supplies.
  • Each child makes a collection of fall friends and tells a story to introduce them to the class.

Display your community of new friends for all to enjoy throughout the season.

BONUS: Form groups that create short plays they perform for classmates about appropriate dress for the season, fall holidays & activities. Bonus: Use your fall friends as puppets!

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Fall Friends Learning FUN Activity