3-D Shape Robots Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Unleash imaginations with 3-D robots! Introduce 3-D shapes in a creative, hands-on way!

Math skills and creativity take shape with this amazing 3-D project.
  • Hint: To prepare for the activity, scatter the 3-D shapes and craft supplies, like craft eyes and chenille stems, in a central location.
  • Combine big and small 3-D shapes to make your very own robot.
  • Challenge yourself to use as many shapes as possible. Hint: When all of the robots have been created, you can graph the number of each shape used.
  • Design your robot with craft eyes, a paper smile, pointy ears, a curlicue antenna ... anything you like.
  • Have out-of-this-world fun meeting each other’s robots! Bring them out for creative writing assignments, puppet shows, and lively discussions about 3-D shapes in our world.

    BONUS: Create your 3-D shape robots, then describe them using math vocabulary and adjectives.

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    3-D Shape Robots Learning FUN Activity