Sweet Opposites Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Deliver freshly layered cakes of opposites. Learning opposites is a piece of cake when fun games, puzzles, and delightful accents come into play!

Discuss the concept of opposites and work together to layer each cake with a pair of opposites.
  • Label cake accents with opposite word pairs, one word on the first layer and the other word on the second layer. Word pair examples: hot/cold, up/down, dry/wet, long/short, happy/sad, big/little, and in/out.
  • Cut each cake along the bottom edge of the first layer, separating the two words.
  • Put the layers on display, scattering them so matching word pairs are not together.
  • Work together to top each cake with the correct layer (opposite word).
  • What wonderful way to build a cake and vocabulary skills too!

    BONUS: Create a cake of opposites using each word in a sentence on the back. Share sentences with the class. Learning ... a little sweeter.

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    Sweet Opposites Learning FUN Activity