Sweet Birthday Display Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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A sweet way to say “Happy Birthday!” Celebrate birthdays while reinforcing the months of the year.

It’s their special day! So treat them with cheerful wishes and a sweet display ... made from scratch.
  • Wrap two layers of trimmers around foam and secure with tape.
  • Spell out “Birthdays” using letters.
  • Write a month on the balloon and tape to a craft stick.
  • Attach photos to cupcakes, write birthdays on the back, and tape to sticks.
  • Insert sticks into foam and cover top with paper crinkle shreds.
  • Change out the balloon and cupcakes each month to recognize birthdays and bring on the excitement!

    BONUS: Swap out cupcakes for stars to recognize students of the month.

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    Download template here!

    Sweet Birthday Display Learning FUN Activity