Whooo's Who? Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Calm first-day jitters by introducing school staff! Get to know the librarian, the school nurse, and other helpful staff with this friendly display!

Here’s an owl-standing way to help students feel at home right from the start!
  • Cut a 27" W x 8" H arc out of foam core.
  • Use letters to create a header.
  • Attach accents with string to the header, allowing them to hang at varying lengths.
  • Write the names of school staff members you’d like to introduce.
  • Knowing whooo’s who at school will make everyone feel comfortable and ready to learn!

    BONUS: Personalize Owl-Stars!® accents with student names and display front and center to make your classroom feel welcoming.

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    Download template here!

    Whooo's Who? Learning FUN Activity