Noun & Verb Sort Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Playful way to practice parts of speech! Keep the focus on learning with an exciting sorting activity.

It’s raining dogs and cats for parts of speech. Is it a noun? Is it a verb? You decide!
  • Wrap borders around three boxes to fit. Tape border to each box. Label boxes “words,” “nouns,” and “verbs” as shown.
  • Attach a different BlockStars!® accent to the back of each box, facing forward.
  • Label the Paw Prints with an equal number of nouns and verbs and place them in the “words” box.
  • Play alone or with others to identify the nouns and verbs from the “words” box, placing them in the correct boxes. Time the activity for extra fun.
  • Have a blast identifying the two parts of speech that make up simple sentences.

BONUS: Explore how many sentences you can form using the nouns and verbs.

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    Noun & Verb Sort Learning FUN Activity