Pixel Robots Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Launch imaginations into the future! Build a robot as unique and awesome as you are!


Imagine you're designing a robot for the future. What service does it provide the world?

Body Directions:

  • Hint: Bring paper tubes from home. Wrap borders around tubes for body and legs.
  • Cut strips of borders for arms, folding them accordion style for a different look.
  • Cut slits in legs and body to attach body and arms as shown. Cut scraps into small squares for hands, taping them to arms.
Head Directions:
  • Cut two 8" long pieces from Pixels Bolder Borders® for the head. Tape together as shown in Fig. 1, and add a BlockStars!® Clips Mini Accents face at bottom. Follow Fig. 2-4 to complete the head.
  • Place the finished box, face front, on the body bobblehead style.
  • Watch eyes light up when all robots come out to play!A1035 Pixel Robots Template

BONUS: Add to your community of robots using all the faces on the BlockStars!® Clips Mini Accents.

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    Download template here!

    Pixel Robots Learning FUN Activity