Owl-Standing Treat Bags Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Celebrate and reward with Owl-standing Treat Bags! Create festive Treat Bags to recognize student accomplishments and celebrate special days.

  • Owl-Stars!® Classic Accents® Variety Pack  T10996
  • Paper bags (4¾" x 9"), colored paper for the tags, ribbon (or chenille stems, string, or yarn), craft glue or double-sided tape, scissors, hole punch, and a marker
  • Fold 1½" of the top of the bag down and mark the center of the bag. Make a V cut using the center mark.
  • Trim top layer of bag 1/4". Glue or tape accents on bag.
  • Punch hole in center of the accent and top triangular flap of the bag. Use ribbon, chenille stems, string, or yarn to close bag at top.
  • Cut playful, fun-shaped tags out of colored paper and attach one to every bag.
  • Write a message on each tag, such as Happy Birthday or Great Job.
  • Fill the Treat Bags with stickers, bookmarks, fun pencils, funky erasers, and other goodies, then hand them out to brighten kids’ days.

BONUS: Treat Bags are great for welcoming children to the first day of school, bringing extra joy to their birthdays and holidays, and rewarding them for a job well done. How will you use them?

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    Owl-Standing Treat Bags Learning Fun Activity