A Day in the Life Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Spark creativity with a playful, one-page pet diary!

Imagine you’re a dog or a cat. Where do you nap? Do you howl at the moon? This activity encourages students to write from the purr-spective of their favorite furry friend.
  • Tape a mini accent to a sheet of paper.
  • Print your pet’s name on the accent.
  • Think about what life would be like as a dog or cat. Then use your imagination to write diary entries for the day.
  • Share your pet’s adventures with your classmates and prepare for appaws!

BONUS: For a wild twist, write from the viewpoint of your favorite safari animal. Or create entries from another person’s point-of-view, for example, the president or an astronaut.

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    A Day in the Life Learning FUN Activity