Star theme classroom decorations for kindergarten classroom

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Star Classroom Theme Décor

Shoot for the stars with a huge selection of star-themed reusable décor and more! Showcase students with star-filled displays, celebrate birthdays with star décor and signs too. Track and reward stellar work at home or in school with incentives and sticker rewards. Made in USA.

T46348 Stickers Bold Amazing Stars

Amazing Stars superShapes Stickers – Large


superShapes Stickers – Large

SKU T46348

Stickers kids love! Amazing designs to motivate, collect, trade, and celebrate success. So many uses! Specifications Acid free, nontoxic, and pho...

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T10720 Accent Bold Star

Bold Strokes Stars Mini Accents Variety Pack


Mini Accents Variety Pack

SKU T10720

Energize spaces with fun, engaging designs! Ideal for marking calendar days, sorting, patterning, graphing, labeling, accenting displays, creating ...

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