Fun Photo Flower Pots DIY



Creativity blooms with this kid-crafted spring flower pot! Celebrate the season by making thoughtful, personalized planters for parents, grandparents, or someone else special.


This gift is sure to make someone smile. Ask children to bring a photo from home or take student photos for this project.

  • Paint your flower pot in bright, spring colors. Allow time for the paint to dry before moving on to the next steps. 
  • Cut your photo into a 2-inch circle. Tape in the center of a Gumdrop Stars Mini Accent. 
  • Tape the accent onto the end of a flexible straw or a chenille stem.
  • Fill your planter partially with soil and add your desired plant.
  • Place the flexible straw/chenille stem into the soil. Add the rest of the soil so it fills your pot and holds your photo upright. 
  • Clean the outside of your flower pot after working with the soil (your stickers will attach best to a clean surface).
  • Time to decorate! Stick on flowers and fairy stickers, or choose your favorite spring sticker designs. If using Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers, give them a gentle scratch to release the scent before sticking on your planter. 
  • Each child writes a note on an index card to the recipient of their flower pot. Messages might include wishing them a happy spring, giving chore coupons, or saying thank you. 

This project idea is fun at home, in classrooms, and day care centers and makes a great gift for Mother's Day, May Day, or anytime!

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