Math Facts Combo Set Pocket Flash Cards

Pocket Flash Cards Combo

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Inspire active learning and build math skills with this handy combo set of flash cards. This colorful and comprehensive assortment of beginner math flash cards makes it easy to practice and master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to 12. With more than 400 equations, it's a must-have for building a solid math foundation.

Practice and master 104 equations of each math operation! Work your way through one-by-one and then mix them up for mega-math challenges to keep learning exciting for all ages during independent, partnered, or small-group review. Get the most out of every practice session with the included study tips and activity ideas in each set.

The individual, compact boxes are great for bringing learning anywhere. Math study cards are a fun solution to keep kids busy and entertained in waiting rooms, restaurants, and during travel.

  • LEARNING IN A FLASH – Build math skills through repeat practice and play. Learn addition facts 0 to 12, and then move on to subtraction, multiplication, and division as your skills grow. The compact boxes are easy to keep handy for review and refresh anytime! Two-sided, self-checking cards feature answers on backs so learners can practice with or without an adult’s help.

  • Repetition is key to mastering math facts and these colorful flash cards keep learners interested through many review sessions at home, in schools, bilingual classrooms, study hall, and more. Create your own flash card games and use the included activity ideas to discover new ways to study.

  • COMBO SET CONTAINS – 4 Pocket Flash Card Sets: Addition 0-12, Subtraction 0-12, Multiplication 0-12, and Division 0-12. Each operation includes 52 flash cards and 4 activity/information cards in a sturdy storage box. Cards are 3 1/8 inches x 5 1/4 inches and feature a rounded corner for easy sorting. Durable, no-see-through cards hold up to many uses.

  • MANY AGES AND ABILITIES – Large, easy-to-read math problems are visible across a room for use in classrooms or homes – the math operations cover a wide range of skills to interest learners of many abilities and create a handy library of math facts to practice. Colorful cards get kids’ attention and activity ideas make math practice feel like play to keep everyone engaged in learning and review.

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Pocket Flash Cards are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.

Aligns with Learning Standards

    • Ages 5 & up
    • Durable no-see-through cards
    • Quick-sorting, rounded corners
    • 4 operations, 416 total equations
    • Cards are 3⅛ inches x 5¼ inches
    • 56 two-sided cards per set
    • Solo or group play
    • Made in USA