U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set

Bulletin Board Set

SKU T8065

Learn about U.S. presidents from George Washington through Joe Biden with official White House portraits of all 46 U.S. presidents, specialty cards for White House and Mount Rushmore, plus 3 header cards and 3 stars & stripes streamers.


Aligns with Learning Standards
    • Durable, reusable paper
    • Discovery Guide features learning activities & display ideas
    • 54 pieces
    • Portraits are 5 inches x 8½ inches
    • Made in USA 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Lori Rowe-Manuel
    Need new Presidents

    Love my sets! I had old set and had to buy for Trump and now I need Biden, plus who knows in 2024. Can I just buy Biden?

    Hi Lori! Thanks for your 5-star review of the U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set from TREND. So glad to hear you love it!

    At this time, we don't offer a way to just buy the newest president piece. Let us know (CustomerCare@TRENDent.com) if having a digital download of the latest president available for you to print (for a few bucks?) would be of value to you. Thanks!

    Great set

    I've used this poster set for almost 25 years. Every few years, I'll purchase it again to add the newest presidents. I've never come across anything like this poster set, where the individual presidents are 5x8 in size. My students often look at this and I constantly use it as a resource to refer to.

    Much thanks, April, for your 5-star review of the U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set from TREND! We're glad to hear it's been a helpful resource for you and your students. Thanks for all YOU do to Make Learning FUN!

    Mr. Nelson
    great set... how to update

    Great set for my classroom wall; super annoying that we're forced to buy an entirely new set every time a new president is elected.

    Thanks, Mr. Nelson, for your review of U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set from TREND. We're glad you think it's great! We appreciate your comments about the new president piece. Perhaps we'll be able to offer a download the next time there is a new president. Thanks for all you do to Make Learning FUN!

    Matthew M.
    Love this bulletin board set!

    I purchased it for my Social Studies classroom and love the paintings of each President - brings each of the Presidents to life in the classroom.

    Thanks, Matthew, for your feedback on the TREND U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set. We're glad you love the paintings. We also loved discovering all the details included in the included Guide (term, dates of birth and death, Vice President, and some key achievements). Thanks for all you do to Make Learning FUN!