Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Summer 2024 Collector Combo Set

Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Combo Set

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Get a whiff of this! TREND Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® from the '80s are BACK! And they're SCENT-sational! This set includes one pack each of the 16 Summer 2024 Retro Stinky Stickers® (Data Way!, Dyno-mint!, Ear-resistible, Fantastic!, Get Down!, Happy Birthday!, Nothing Finer, Scoopendous!, Sharp!, Stick With It!, Think Big!, Yummmmmy, Hot Shot, Sweet Stuff, Happy Easter, and Jolly Bean).


Fun to collect, trade, and celebrate accomplishments and special occasions. On the stickers, collectors will be happy to spot the ★ to distinguish TREND Retro Stinky Stickers® from those printed in the 1980s. 


Want more sticker FUN? Grab our free Retro Stinky Stickers® Collector Sheets to display and grow your sticker collection. Share and swap any extra stickers with friends and family! Save stickers to trade by leaving them on their backings. Gather with friends at school and social events, and with family at get-togethers, to share your album and trade stickers you may not already have in your collection and vice versa. Getting together to admire each other’s collections, trade with each other, and share stories about favorite finds builds valuable social skills and lifelong relationships.


    Customer Reviews

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    Jaimie Powell
    Smelly stickers

    These are exactly like what I had as a child growing up in the 80’s. They make me so happy!!

    Thanks, Jaimie, for the 5-star review of our Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Summer 2024 Collector Combo Set. We're tickled to hear these stickers are just like you remembered! It's been so fun to bring these back. More to come!

    100% satified every single time I order.

    The delivery was lightning fast with this order.I literally received them within a day, or two days at the most.Thank you Trend, for sending them immediately.The graphics,the scents that last a lifetime,and the stickiness are all sitting well with me....Excellent product.I could not be happier. :)

    Thanks, J.G., for your continued support on our Retro Stinky Stickers® Collection, and for this SCENT-sational 5-star review. We're blushing! More to come. Keep sharing the Retro sticker love!

    Patti Higgins
    Summer 2024 Retro Score!

    Love that Trend has continued to re-release the retro stinky stickers. I buy the whole set every time! I divide and mail them to my little cousins, nieces and nephews all over the country. I love spreading little sparks of joy with them. (Photo from last release of a tiny trend collector and video review of current summer 2024 release) YouTube video placeholder

    Thanks, Patti, for your SCENT-sational 5-star review of our Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Summer 2024 Collector Combo Set! We love that you've chosen to share your Retro stickers with your loved ones so they can make collections of their own. That's what it's all about! Keep sharing the Retro sticker love!


    Just like the scent from 40 years ago

    Thanks, Shawn, for your 5-star review of the Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Summer 2024 Collector Combo Set. We're thrilled to be bringing these back! More to come. Keep sharing the sticker love.