Always Welcome Bulletin Board Set

Learning Set

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Create a kind and encouraging learning environment with the Always Welcome Bulletin Board Set. Large welcome sign and buildable phrases & posters can be combined in endless ways to make an inviting space. Nature-inspired messages, accents, and colors can be used to welcome everyone, celebrate achievements, encourage one another, and spread kindness. Large welcome sign (36" wide), 16 mix ‘n match phrases & words, and 12 nature-themed accents.


  • BIG LEARNING ... ANYWHERE – Easily mix & match the various pieces to build kind messages and creative displays to fit any space or goal. Nature-inspired accents and phrases are great for highlighting student achievements, welcoming students into the classroom, and establishing classroom etiquette. Encourage students to brainstorm other areas that would benefit from these welcoming messages, too! The nature-inspired pieces help create an inviting space in classrooms, homes, offices, assisted living residences, and community centers.

  • MANY BRAINY BENEFITS – Use the buildable messages in this set to introduce, reinforce, and practice social skills and the concepts of kindness, compassion, and what it looks like to be welcoming to others. The nature-inspired pieces and encouraging words make great conversation starters for all ages.

  • HANDS-ON LEARNING FUN – Pieces are sturdy and sized right for handheld activities for class-wide, small-group, and individualized learning. Discover more FUN ideas in the tab below to make the most out of this set.

  • SET INCLUDES – Large welcome sign (36 inches wide), 16 mix ‘n match phrases & words, and 12 accents.

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Bulletin Board Sets are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.

    • Durable, reusable paper
    • Nature-inspired designs
    • 29 pieces, up to 36 inches wide
    • Coordinates with Good to Grow Collection
    • Made in USA
Learning FUN Ideas

Enjoy these activity ideas for lots of FUN learning:

    1. What Does a Welcoming Space Look Like? Ask your students to imagine what a welcoming classroom looks,sounds, and feels like. Label columns on chart paper or a whiteboard with these three headers. Answers could include smiling, sharing kind comments, raising hands for questions, practicing good manners, and "comfortable" or "safe." Brainstorm together, and provide helpful hints or ask questions to spark ideas. Review the suggestions, then decide as a group what you want to make sure to include in your classroom. Post your answers for reference throughout the year!

    2. Time Capsule: At the beginning of the school year, provide each student with a paper towel tube time capsule. Everyone decorates their tubes using art supplies and stickers. Then, gather official data to be placed in the capsule: 1. Cut a piece of string to each child's height, 2. Trace hands onto a sheet of paper, 3. List or draw their favorite things on another sheet of paper, 4. Write three things they'd like to learn this year on a third sheet of paper, 5. Include a small photo of each child. Add all contents into the tube and seal them and store them away until the end of the school year. Compare the information in the time capsule to the present: kids will marvel at how much they've changed and grown!

    3. Spread Joy! Hand out colored strips of paper. Have everyone write something kind about another student on the strip of paper. Once finished, create a paper chain by looping all the slips together. Display the chain where all can admire, read, and spread kindness.