Rain Sticks Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Here’s a fun activity for a rainy day … or any day!


Hint: Have children bring a tube and rice from home. Place other supplies in a central location for them to choose from.

  • Insert the bottom of a drinking cup into one end of the tube and secure in place with tape around the outside edge.
  • Lightly crumple printer paper, then twist lengthwise and insert into tube. The looser the paper, the better the rain sound.
  • Add 1/4 cup of rice to tube and secure drinking cup to other end of tube.
  • For stick, cut a section of border the length of the tube and wrap lengthwise, securing with tape. Tightly wrap yarn around the cup and tube ends to help hold cups in place.
  • Children use their Rain Sticks to add sound effects to stories and songs, create rhythm for a rain dance, or celebrate Earth Day!

BONUS: Fill different-sized tubes with materials, such as pea gravel or uncooked macaroni. Try doing a mixture of several. Decorate with leftover trimmers, borders, colored paper, and more. Make a super-sized Rain Stick with a gift wrap tube. Creativity Soars!

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    Rain Sticks Learning FUN Activity