Key Words Key Ring Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Learn key word families and practice building words with this interactive learning idea!

Building words is a piece of “c -ake” with these hands-on key rings.
  • Choose a few word families to start. We chose “-ake” and “-ow.”
  • Write each word family horizontally on its own key.
  • Brainstorm multiple word beginnings for each word familiy, writing one per key as shown. Clip all word beginnings together on one ring and repeat for each word family.
  • Let’s practice! Lay one word family horizontally and flip through the ring of word beginnings, reading each word spelled out loud.
  • Add additional word families and more challenging word beginnings as students progress.
  • Once they have the hang of it, create “master” key rings. Combine many different word beginnings on a single key ring and combine multiple word families on another.
  • Divide into small groups and give each group a pair of key rings. They lay one word family on the desk and flip to the first word beginning. Do they spell a word? Read it out loud. Flip to the next word beginning and read what’s spelled. Not a word? Flip again! What a fun way to practice recognizing words from nonwords.
  • Another exciting activity is to invite students to see how many words they can spell with the key rings. They will be amazed at all the different word combinations. “N -ice!”

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      Key Words Key Ring Learning FUN Activity