Awesome Apples Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Design a cookie sheet activity that’s bushels of fun! Sort apples, match colors, and create patterns for practice that sticks.

  • Cut magnets into four strips: two 11" x ¼" and two 10" x ½". Cut trimmers just wider than magnets and adhere magnetic strips to backs. Use these trimmer strips as needed for dividers on your cookie sheets.
  • Cut small magnetic pieces and attach to the backs of the apple accents.
  • To label sorting columns, cut three pieces of tagboard ¾" x 1½"each. Attach magnets to the back of the tagboard. Write sorting subtitles (Green, Brown, Yellow, for example) on each tagboard strip. Simply switch out the labels when sorting by different attributes or different accents.
  • Give your cookie sheet game a fun name and label it. Cut two trimmers to size and glue them together onto tagboard. Write the game name on a piece of paper using stick-on letters and tape it on top of the trimmers. Add magnets to the trimmer sign and stick it to the top of the cookie sheet.
  • For even more fun, write numbers or basic shapes on the apples and invite children to sort and pattern by odd/even, shapes only, apple colors only, both shapes and apple colors, and so on.
Invite children to design their own Awesome Apples challenges too!

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      Awesome Apples Learning FUN Activity