Robotic Hand Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Spark an interest in robotics! Inspire inventive imaginations with this “handy” activity!

  • Handprints Classic Accents® Variety Pack  T10930
  • Plastic flexible straws (5 different colors), embroidery thread that matches the straw colors, a large craft stick (approximately ⅝" x 6"), scissors, pencils, rulers, and tape
  • For each hand, precut 5 different colored threads 10½" long, 5 matching colored straws (three ⅜" pieces and one 2⅞" piece each), and a 1" piece of straw (any color). Hint: include flexible ends in the 2⅞" pieces.
  • On back of each hand accent, draw the measurement lines shown to the right or save this step for students to practice their measurement skills!
    • Each student selects a Friendship Hands accent and a set of pre-cut supplies.
    • Crease each accent finger on the measured lines.
    • Tape the 2⅞" straw pieces to the palm with the flexible ends toward the wrist (shown to left).
    • Tape the ⅜" straw pieces on each finger. These will match the straw color on the palm. Bend the flexible straw pieces as needed so they line up with each finger.
    • Tape the 1" straw piece in the middle of the craft stick.
    • String matching threads through each straw section. Pull ½" of thread over the top of the finger to fold over and tape to the front. String all five threads though the straw attached to the craft stick. Tape the front of the hand to the craft stick
    Let the fun begin! Kids pull the color-coded string controls and watch their robotic hands come to life. Practice sign language, play “Simon says,” and more!

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